Modern Marketing Strategies

With the global spread of the Internet in the early 1990s, the world as we knew it changed irreversibly. And so did the way we do business. Marketing is not an exception.

Today, most companies rely on online marketing and a more personal approach to their customers. This is especially true for small and medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs such as coaches, counsellors, marketing experts and other freelancers.

This twelve-week program is designed to provide you with a wide array of most effective marketing strategies today. Your online mentor is here to help you expand your marketing skills and develop your own marketing plan that you can put into action right away.


  • 12 weeks of exciting, engaging and fun learning; approximately 10 hours per week
  • 3 hours of private consultations with the mentor (via Zoom) - you choose when!
  • You're not alone - your online mentor and your peers will be there for you throughout the whole program
  • You won't just learn; you will do Market Research, develop your Buyer Persona(s) and define a Marketing plan for your own business
  • Get your Certificate both as PDF and printed (sent to your home address)
  • Includes two bonus modules for free!

Limited seats

Seats for this program are limited to only 30 to make sure that our mentors provide you with best service.

LevelAll levels
Price€ 600.00
Audio lessonsYes
Commitment12 weeks
CertificateYes, PDF + print


Welcome to Modern Marketing Strategies for SMEs and Entrepreneurs
Before We Get Started
Meet Your Mentor
Modern Marketing Strategies Workbook
Module One: Marketing
What is Marketing?
Common Marketing Types (I)
Common Marketing Types (II)
The Marketing Mix
Communicating the Right Way
Customer Communications
Marketing Goals
The Marketing Funnel
Marketing Mistakes (I)
Marketing Mistakes (II)
Module One Assessment
Module Two: Internet Marketing
SWOT Analysis in Marketing
Marketing Research
Real Time Marketing
Brand Management
Social Media (I)
Social Media (II)
SEO Basics
Website Characteristics
Capturing Leads
Campaign Characteristics
Module Two Assessment
Assignment: Internet Marketing
Module Three: Multi-Level Marketing
How Does Multi-Level Marketing Work
Building a Contact List
Recruiting New Agents (I)
Recruiting New Agents (II)
Training MLM Agents
Provide Marketing Presentation Training
Provide Social Media Training
Provide Training in Recruitment
Provide Ethics Training
Module Three Assessment
Assignment: Multi-Level Marketing
Module Four: Creating a Great Webinar
What Can a Webinar Do?
Successful Webinar Criteria
Find the Right Format
Marketing and Social Media
Leading up to Your Webinar
Drive Up Registration
Presentation Tips
Interacting with Your Audience
Mistakes to Avoid
Post Event
Module Four Assessment
Assignment: Creating a Great Webinar
Module Five: Social Media Marketing Essentials
Module Five Assessment
Assignment: Social Media Marketing
Module Six: Media and Public Relations
Networking for Success (I)
Networking For Success (II)
The Meet and Greet
Dressing for Success
Setting Goals
Media Relations
Issues and Crisis Communication Planning
Social Media (The PR Toolkit)
Employee Communications
Module Six Assessment
Assignment: Media and Public Relations
What Next?
Recommended Training Programs
Recommended Reading

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LevelAll levels
Price€ 600.00
Audio lessonsYes
Commitment12 weeks
CertificateYes, PDF + print

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Modern Marketing Strategies

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