Networking Within the Company

Networking has become a crucial part of the world today. Most people are aware of external networking and primarily focus on that. It is important to pay extra attention to internal networking, or networking within the company. To be truly effective, internal networking must be utilized throughout the company.

With Networking Within the Company course participants will learn how internal networking is changing the workforce. Through this course, participants will gain a new perspective networking, and what benefits can come from fully utilizing and making connections with internal networking.

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Module One: Getting Started
Course Objectives
Module Two: The Benefits of Networking at Work
Gain Connections
Shared Knowledge
Increase Opportunity
Improve Image
Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions
Module Three: Networking Obstacles
Confusion About The Definition Of Networking
Personality Traits
Cultural Barriers
Personal Pride
Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions
Module Four: Networking Principles
Offer Value
Build Trust
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions
Module Five: How to Build Networks
Meet New People
Be Polite
Follow Up
Allow Relationships to Develop Naturally
Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions
Module Six: Recognize Networking Opportunities
Formal Networking
Informal Networking
Workday Opportunities
Always Be Ready to Network
Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions
Module Seven: Common Networking Mistakes
Not Meeting New People
Not Following Through
High Expectations
Being Professional
Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions
Module Eight: Develop Interpersonal Relationships
Be Genuine
Maintain Boundaries
Invest Time
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions
Module Nine: Online Networking Tools
Social Networks
Chat Rooms
Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions
Module Ten: Time Management
Prioritize Contacts
Create Group Activities
Connect Online
Schedule Your Networking Activities
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions
Module Eleven: Maintaining Relationships Over Time
Contact Networks Regularly
Be Honest
Give Personal Attention
Limit Networks to a Manageable Size
Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up
Action Plan

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LevelAll levels
Price€ 49.90   € 39.90
Audio lessonsNo
Commitment4 h
CertificateYes, PDF

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Networking Within the Company
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Networking Within the Company

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