Business Coaching Practitioner

Business coaching is one of the most desirable and most profitable professions of today. This fully mentored program will not only teach you about coaching and equip you with a set of coaching tools and techniques - you will also get the chance to experience coaching first hand as both a coaching client and a coach!

Supervision provided by a certified coach is also included, making this twelve-week traning the best coaching program you can find online.

What's included?

  • 12 weeks of exciting, engaging and fun learning; approximately 10 hours per week
  • 3 hours of private consultations with the mentor (via Zoom) - you choose when!
  • More than 60 lessons, quizzes and assignments
  • Learn about and develop the coaching competences defined by the ICF and EMCC
  • You're not alone - your online mentor and your peers will be there for you throughout the whole program
  • Coaching practice - at least 6 coaching sessions required to complete the program
  • Analyze your sessions with a mentor
  • Get your Certificate both as PDF and printed (sent to your home address)
  • Get 6 bonus e-books for free!

Limited seats

Seats for this program are limited to only 30 to make sure that our mentors can provide you with best service.

LevelAll levels
Price€ 600.00
Audio lessonsYes
Commitment12 weeks
CertificateYes, PDF + print


Welcome to Business Coaching Practitioner (Level 1)
Before We Get Started
Meet Your Mentor
Business Coaching Practitioner Workbook
Premium Package: Book a Coaching Session
Module One: Introduction to Life Coaching
Why You Need a Life Coach
The Benefits of Life Coaching
Life Coaching Challenges
Basic Structure of a Coaching Session
Essential Skills for Successful Coaching
Life Coaching Tools and Techniques
Life Coaching Specialized Areas (I)
Life Coaching Specialized Areas (II)
Life Coaching Specialized Areas (III)
Apply What You Learned to the Workplace
Module One Assessment
Audio book: Introduction to Coaching
Bonus eBook: Wired for Greatness
Written Assignment 1
Module Two: Emotional Intelligence
What is Emotional Intelligence?
Skills in Emotional Intelligence
Verbal Communication Skills
Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Social Management and Responsibility
Tools to Regulate Your Emotions
Gaining Control
Business Practices (I)
Business Practices (II)
Making an Impact
Module Two Assessment
Bonus eBook: The Gratitude Plan
Written Assignment 2
Module Three: The Power of Body Language
Communicating with Body Language
Reading Body Language
Body Language Mistakes
Gender Differences
Nonverbal Communication
Facial Expressions
Body Language in Business
Lying and Body Language
Improve Your Body Language
Matching Your Words to Your Movement
Module Three Assessment
Bonus eBook: Become the Best Version of Yourself
Written Assignment 3
Module Four: Improving Self-Awareness
What Is the Self?
Awareness of the Physical Self
Time Management
The Emotional Self
Mood Management
The Mental Self
Interpersonal Awareness
The Spiritual Self
Limitations of Self Awareness
Independence versus Interdependence
Module Four Assessment
Bonus eBook: Mind Reset
Written Assignment 4
Module Five: Managing Workplace Anxiety
Common Types of Anxiety
Recognizing Symptoms in Others
Coping Strategies (I)
Coping Strategies (II)
Don’t Avoid the Situation
Differences in Anxiety and Normal Nervousness
Physical Symptoms
Recognize the Positive Aspects of Anxiety
Common Anxiety Triggers
When to Seek Extra Help?
Module Five Assessment
Bonus eBook: The Anti-Anxiety Formula
Written Assignment 5
Module Six: Increasing Happiness
Plan Ahead for Happiness
Plan Your Day
Relate to Others
Go to Your Happy (Work) Space
Accentuate the Positive
Use Your Benefits
Take Control of Your Career Happiness
Set Boundaries
Practice Positivity
Choose to Be Happy
Module Six Assessment
Bonus eBook: Happiness Starts with You
Written Assignment 6
Final Assignment: Case Study
What Next?
Recommended Training Programs
Recommended Reading

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LevelAll levels
Price€ 600.00
Audio lessonsYes
Commitment12 weeks
CertificateYes, PDF + print

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Business Coaching Practitioner
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Business Coaching Practitioner

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